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We invite you to look over our overlap
- SHOP OFFER - furniture

If you care about your home and if is very important how looks you surroundings and objects that makes you feel good, if you have romantic nature and you are looking for alternatives thing, that have souls, if you have sentiment for old furniture and you would like to make classically decorated or break the modern decor of your apartment, then

we invite you to Weranda.

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In a large (800m2) area we are presenting exposition of furniture and many decorative items that can not only buy, but can also become for you an inspiration.
We also offer modern objects which by their originality, appropriately packaged, can become sophisticated gift.
Before every holidays we offer occasional decorations, most of them is done manually by friendly artists.

We invite you to look over our shop offer.

We do not sell by mail order.

Below are pictures from our gallery.

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